Community Involvement

The citizens of El Paso are the eyes and ears of law enforcement. I will develop initiatives and establish meetings with the community to identify and address concerns. By developing this partnership, we can implement effective strategies through positive collaboration.

Mental Health

I am committed to ensuring every member of the Constable’s Office, Precinct 1, receives continuous mental health training and has access to available resources to address situations requiring these services. I understand the importance and will emphasize providing guidance for mental health support in policing.

Accountability and Transparency

I am dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with the public. I will ensure our officers are practicing fair and equitable policing procedures and providing the utmost respect of citizens.

Prompt and Efficient Service

I will ensure that all court precepts issued to my office will have prompt and diligent service for fair justice in court. My office will provide updates on the status of service upon request from individuals or entities who file at courts of law.